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A Difference

We enhance in-house IT teams by providing specialists on demand, at economies better than that of hiring additional full-time in-house resources and training them to awesome standards.

  • You will be pleased with the level of expertise of our proven XCode, PhoneGap, ADT, Eclipse, HTML 5 talent that we hand-pick to augment your Mobile Development teams and then let you manage them directly as you see fit. We invest in emerging technologies and have Android, iOS and WindowsPhone ready resources in a market short on such talent.

    We have our own full time pool from where we assemble dedicated development teams to provide your teams a capacity and/or capability boost.

    Our awesome staff retention rate blows the industry average out of the equation, and guarantees you long-term stability. Your dedicated team will be provided with an extensive package, career mentoring, training, all necessary infrastructure and support. You can hire dedicated resources from as little as a month to as long as you require, we have been hosting dedicated on-demand resources for clients for over 5 years.

    Drop us a line or lets meet up for a coffee and discuss your goals and how we can facilitate you in your journey.