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Tried Tested
Awesome Services

We use our knowledge and experience to overcome unique challenges to deliver real value to your business, maximising your revenue potential.

  • We have a successful track record of bringing technology innovations to market. We have taken six new products to market since 2004: established them in a niche vertical; captured significant market share, created brand value and then sold them on to established market leaders, new entrants or PE firms.

    We are productpreneurs: we re-invest our hard earned profits in conceptualizing, building and growing our own products. A negative feedback loop implemented well is a beautiful thing.

    It is this added experience we bring to the table: if desired we can assist you in commercialization of your concepts and products. We have been there, got the proverbial T-Shirt, are working on getting our next one and are happy to share our experiences for mutual gain. After all our success goes hand in hand with your success.

    Our experience with technology commercialization can make all the difference when your product enters the market.  We don’t just code for you we walk the journey with you.