Our Work
a small selection of what we have done and what keeps us going...

We are technical cavalry on-demand for our clients and we appreciate that not every agency wants to let the world know that they from time to time need to call on an external cavalry. What we have presented below is a fraction of our work, some from our R&D lab and others from a few selective clients (as and when we can share more we will simply keep adding it below)


Our team of Drupal ninjas have been busy doing super cool stuff for our clients from Chicago to Sydney with Brussels, Amsterdam, Dubai and Hong Kong in between. One that we can share is their creation of a DAAS architecture for Oasis Community Learning; a global Educational Trust. The architecture enables the editors to create academy websites on the fly as they induct them into their fold. Want to discuss how your Drupal team could use a hand from our ninjas? talk to us! we are all ears.

When a Dutch Social TV player came to us with a tight deadline, a tall order of essential requirements, an even longer wish list and doubts on any one's ability to do it justice... we studied the brief, analysed it in context to our capacity & capabilities and took on the challenge. We delivered a cross platform social TV app capable of handling more than 20,000 concurrent users within 6 weeks and way before the critical date for the live TV show the app was complimenting. Want to explore what wonders we could weave for your products on our magic loom! talk to us! we are all ears.

Our product lab has been busy designing the next generation of edutainment/edugames and our first title is Spell Bubbles. It has a dual purpose design; assisting children and young adults alike as a learning aid to improve their vocabulary and sound recognition. As well as a language learning aid for non-native English speakers. Keep an eye on our site for more exciting edutainement titles gamifying English and Maths! Would you like our mobile product design team to take a look at your ideas and products and spin our magic on them? come talk to us!

AL - Windows Kinect

Our R&D lab has used the Windows Kinect controller to make Sci-fi Sci-FACT. We could not give you HAL for obvious legal reasons so we give you AL. More helpful and less lethal! AL can be used to provide your guests with a virtual concierge in their room, on their floor, or in the foyer/lobby next to your concierge's desk! Or take advertising to the next level with brand recognising ad-boards! The possibilities are endless... would you like to know what Kinect and Natural Interaction can do for you? come talk to us!

SmartTV App development

TV is the next big thing and we are working at the cutting edge of the Smart TV platforms including LG and Samsung. From developing responsive themes for TV browsing, contextually responsive UIs to developing Apps and Widgets for Smart HUBs. We go beyond simply developing for TV! we understand the medium and bring our quirky, geeky understanding and ideas to your projects and products. When the next agency suggests you put your property website on TV to sell more houses come talk to us! before you splash your cash on the big screen!

Product Development

When one of our long standing clients came to us with the concept of a Sales Relationship Management System, we knew they were onto something awesome! we worked closely with their team to digitise their unique concept into an awesome tool. If you have an awesome idea and are looking for an awesome tech partner to turn your vision into digital reality you should talk to us! we have been there, got a bunch of T-shirts and love sharing our experiences!