Automated Testing

Test automation or automation testing helps to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of software to give a high coverage performance that is free from errors and defects. The software groups design new software and test them before releasing them into the market to make sure they are free from defect but somehow, such software is encountered with some or the other problem when delivered. Test automation automates necessary tasks and functions in detail to increase the effectiveness of the service, which would be difficult to perform manually. This helps the possibility of better performance quick running and repeatedly working once automated.

Testing include automation of data creating test reports by comparing actual, expected and delivered test results. Automated testing’s main objective is to reduce the test cases and make the service work successfully. This tool helps to record and report the actions of the software that can be compared with manual testing to analyze the performance rate. Manual testing requires a lot of effort and even after that, the errors do creep within. Automated testing has possibly opened the doors to perform tasks that are impossible and time-consuming through manual testing. Once the automated testing is created they can be repeated and extended whenever required.

Many companies found this automated testing interesting and essential to build successful projects within less time. Large scale companies considered this as a critical tool and implemented in services whereas small scale companies find it too expensive to implement. But the ideal point to remember is that this tool has added a notion about the organization’s success.

Benefits of automated testing

  • Saves time and money
  • Increases accuracy and coverage
  • Helps to detect the problem quickly

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