Test Complete

Among the various automated software running parallelly in the market, test complete automation tool helps the testers to create, record and manually script the tests. This tool helps to automate different software test types. Test complete generally works on built-in keyword test editor used to record automated testing actions. Comparatively test runs fast and gives good coverage within low costs. It provides services to test, web servers, web pages, web services etc.

Test complete enables the users or testers to build automated tests easily with minimum effort. They can also run custom functionality by creating or recording a test with the help of built-in operation available. Test complete platform provides a reliable solution to the testers who are facing increasing number of test executions and to the managers and project developers with the changing schedules. It is a boon to the testers to deliver the results within stipulated time and also helpful for the companies with budget constraints. Test complete is a flexible option and quite handy automated tool.

Most of the QA team and software development groups rely on test complete as it provides fast testing and helps to deliver the software or product in the market within time limit. Test complete doesn’t require round the clock checks, which is good news for the testers or users. You can run this tool once created at any time. It performs tests of business logic, measure software and server performance, analyze databases and reports the results in detailed documentation with time and date.

Test complete enables multiple workstations to carry testing while you can engage yourself with other works. Surprisingly the test complete being an effective tool is feasible and easy to manage. Unlike other automated test tools that offer high price for better performance.

Test complete services include

  • Integration testing
  • Regression testing
  • Data-driven testing
  • Functional testing
  • Load testing

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